About Aseel Complex

Aseel Complex

for Corrugated Cardboard and Carton

• Year of Establishment: 2016
• The actual beginning of operation 2017 under the trademark of the original uses the latest technologies used in the manufacture of carton and packaging and contains laboratories to examine the quality of international techniques produced by the factory printed corrugated carton of different size and all kinds of balls to fill the vegetables and fruits with high quality and solid The factory since the opening gap coverage In the field of the manufacture of pamphlets in Sudan, which created a qualitative transfer in this area, where quality has become as importer and uses virgin paper in manufacturing processes as it is heading to the neighboring countries of Africa.
• The factory manufactures all kinds of common corrugated board.
1 – Single Face
It is a middle ribbed layer adhered to one flat outer layer.
2. Single Wall
It is a well-known cartoon board consisting of one central ribbed layer adjoining two flat outer layers.
3. Double Wall
It is composed of two intermediate medallions with three layers of flat paper.
• Contains a production line for schoolbooks of all types and sizes according to international standards.
 Location – Omdurman – the new industrial area – near the prison Huda.
• The area is 17,000 meters


The factory manufactures all kinds of common corrugated board
Single Face, Single Wall and Double Wall