About Power Blue Aseel

Power Factory

Manufacturing Detergents and Liquid Soap

Under the brand Aseel and Fresh

• Established in 2012
•Number of Workers: 300 workers
• Production capacity: 8 tons per hour.
• Number of production lines: Powder Soap In bags: 15 machines, powder soap sacks: 4 machines.
• Area is 10,000 sq. m.
 Location: Khartoum North – Industrial Area – Bashir Mohammed Saeed Street.
Laundry is one of the priorities of the housewife, which is one of the most important things that you do, it is evidence of interest in her family and attention to cleanliness of clothes, and to ensure the results of the best clothes in terms of cleanliness and high quality she must choose the appropriate washing powder soap for each garment, The housewife takes care to choose the right product for washing powder soap, which is the trade name and the basic ingredients that make up the washing powder, to ensure that the clothes and washing machine that she uses are not damaged, our products are available in this field as we use the latest Italian technology.


Aseel and Fresh Perfumed Powder Detergent