About Al Khairat Factory


for Cereals and Biscuit Industry

Under the brand name Excellent – Sonic – Sonic Letters.
• Foundation date: 2009
• Number of production lines: 2 production lines.
• 4 lines for packing
• 6 packaging machines.
 Loatcion: Omdurman – Industrial Area – Industrial Street, Sudan
Opened in 2009, the production has witnessed remarkable development. till the plant became one of the largest biscuit factories in The Sudan,
with its famous brand (Excellent – Sonic – Sonic Letters) with its distinctive logo which is distributed all over the Sudan and throughout the years we have always entertained our customers and the consumers with our various and sophisticated formations of high quality products characterized by distinctive taste and flavor at an affordable price. Through our distribution fleet we ensure that our products are fresh and of high quality to the capital and the states.
We are aware that most of our customers are children and youth we are always making sure that our products are made from the finest raw materials, reliable and internationally accredited from our suppliers without extensive additives and preservatives. We have all combined all that with an effective quality control system to ensure the production of healthy and safe products, andthe distinguished flavor is well known by everyone and proud wherever they are.


Biscuit: Excellent,Sonic and Sonic Letters
Flavors: Milk, Coconut and Chocolate