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About Al Khairat Factory

About The Factory

Under the brand name Excellent – Sonic – Sonic Letters.
• Foundation date: 2009
• Number of production lines: 2 production lines.
• 4 lines for packing
• 6 packaging machines.
 Loatcion: Omdurman – Industrial Area – Industrial Street, Sudan

Opened in 2009, the production has witnessed remarkable development. till the plant became one of the largest biscuit factories in The Sudan,
with its famous brand (Excellent – Sonic – Sonic Letters) with its distinctive logo which is distributed all over the Sudan and throughout the years we have always entertained our customers and the consumers with our various and sophisticated formations of high quality products characterized by distinctive taste and flavor at an affordable price. Through our distribution fleet we ensure that our products are fresh and of high quality to the capital and the states.
We are aware that most of our customers are children and youth we are always making sure that our products are made from the finest raw materials, reliable and internationally accredited from our suppliers without extensive additives and preservatives. We have all combined all that with an effective quality control system to ensure the production of healthy and safe products, andthe distinguished flavor is well known by everyone and proud wherever they are.

Our Goals

1- Provide new job opportunities for the labor market.
2- Promoting the industrial sector and stimulating the economic cycle in Sudan.
3- Achieve a unique position by expanding our list of customers locally and regionally. Under the brand.
4- Utilizing technical and technical knowledge and modern laboratories and modernizing the mechanism of technical production technology that conforms to international quality standards.
5- Contribute in providing the needs of the Sudanese market of materials that were imported from abroad and thus provide hard currency.
6- Set a basic objective of increasing of exports abroad and competition in the regional,Arab markets and internationally.
7. Increase market share by developing our production capacity.
8- We aim to meet the taste and requirements of our customers.

About Al Khairat Factory
About Al Khairat Factory

The Values

 Our values are fundamental to our success, and our activities depend on:
   Credibility and integrity:
Integrity is inherent in our work; we are trustworthy, and honest. Our commitments are respected and our commitments are fulfilled.
 The Quality:-
High quality is the constant property in everything we produce. We do our best to be the best in our business by adhering to international quality standards by paying attention to our employees who allow us to master our competitive product and position ourselves among market leaders.
Seizing opportunities: –
We are constantly looking for new opportunities and looking forward to development that better for serving the needs of our customers. We are constantly studying the market to find durable solutions to overcome any market challenges.

The Mission

We have taken it upon ourselves to provide the best product with the best scientific and health conditions and the highest standards of occupational and social safety in addition to the constant research on the new and good about the new and tireless.

About Al Khairat Factory
Company's Mission Aseel

Company’s Mission

The secret of the success of Aseel Industrial Group is its predecessor in the field of industrial development. At the same time, it is committed to values of integrity, providing the highest standards of service and social responsibility. The Group focuses on customer satisfaction, placing them at the top of their list of needs and responding to their changing needs. In which the Group’s companies operate. Aseel Industrial Group is committed in offering unparalleled options that include the highest standards of customer service.
The Group operates through a number of its affiliated companies and factories in various sectors such as the trade and industrial sector, providing job opportunities for more than 1000 employees.

The group maintains a kind of decentralization of employment giving individual businesses flexibility and freedom and maintains a competitive spirit. This method of engagement provides a clear process culture that trains employees with authority and responsibility, which plays a major role in promoting growth and development in the group. Throughout its journey of success and achievements, Aseel Industrial Group has never compromised on environmental, safety and community health issues. Continuous monitoring and control of emissions and pollution are the most important factors for our success as contributors to economic and social development.

In order to be more ready to serve its customers, Aseel Industrial Group has invested in its employees, internal operations, tools and trading systems. We seek to know by choosing the best staff, knowing that we have created programs specifically designed to attract and retain a skilled and dynamic workforce. People are our greatest asset.

These goals would not have been possible without the sincere and diligent efforts of our employees, partners, customers and shareholders who work hard to distinguish Aseel Industrial Group as a dominant supplier of services in the Sudanese market.

Certainly, there are many challenges, but we are confident and optimistic about the future of the bright group as a continuing institution in working towards the well-being and prosperity of this nation.

Welcome to Aseel Industrial Group.

Social Responsibility

We commit ourselves to act as a company that respects sustainability standards and engage in a range of community initiatives. We are committed in protecting the environment and achieving balanced results for all our partners, including shareholders, employees, customers and the community as a whole. We are working to increase the knowledge, understanding and awareness of employees to encourage participation and engagement in sustainability initiatives and the company has a lot of contributions. This came in response to the call by the Secretary-General of the United Nations for business sectors to play their role in the areas of human rights, labor and the environment to be part of the solution in the face of the challenges of globalization. Social responsibility in our simplest sense is a moral obligation on the part of our society to the society in which we operate. It is not just a gift or charity offered by us.